Massachusetts to allow medical marijuana, but no recreational, sales during coronavirus shutdown

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Marijuana as a medical treatment is considered “essential” in Massachusetts

One more state is taking measures to fight the outbreak of the coronavirus, and it comes from the Bay State, which is known for being a state that makes aggressive decisions. With the COVID-19 spreading rapidly, Massachusetts authorities have decided to shut down all cannabis sales that are not for medical purposes. Last year, Massachusetts was one of the first (and few) to ban all vape sales after reports of people getting sick were attributed to the practice. In the middle of the current health crisis, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has issued a Cease and Desist Order to cannabis companies, except those serving the medical marijuana industry. As of today, all adult-use stores must cease operations until further notice.

This order extended by the commission orders stand-alone facilities to be closed to both employees and customers, and the closing period will be effective until at least April 17. At least in Nevada, the governor allowed stores to continue delivering cannabis products to customers, but in Massachusetts, this is not allowed. This means that consumers that do not have a medical marijuana card are blocked from buying legal cannabis for the next several weeks. The only places exempted from closing are the Medical marijuana treatment centers and co-located marijuana operations, they were categorized as “essential.”

“Under the Essential Services Order, all licensed Marijuana Establishments and Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers conducting adult-use retail at non-collocated premises have not been deemed essential and therefore, shall close their physical workplaces and facilities to workers, customers, and the public,” the state order said. After the given period, authorities will review the Cease and Desist Order to evaluate the circumstance of the coronavirus outbreak, to see if it can either lifted or extended for a longer time.