Massachusetts sets a marijuana cigarette record

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The longest marijuana cigarette ever rolled is now 119 feet long

A marijuana lifestyle brand out of Massachusetts has rolled the largest marijuana cigarette in the world. Building on the massive 106-foot cigarette it put together last year for the Harvest Cup in Worcester, Beantown Greentown wanted to go even bigger and this year rolled a 119-foot cigarette. It took two and a half pounds of marijuana to bring their idea to life.

Last year, the company presented a 106-foot cigarette to the annual trade show and competition. Always looking for bigger and better, the company’s co-owner, Andrew Mutty, wanted to “do something crazy.” He asserts, “We all had a lot of chats about smoking weed and rolling joints and someone was like, ‘How big of a joint could we roll?’”

The cigarette was made with 24K gold rolling paper provided by Shine Papers. It wasn’t possible to find a single paper large enough, requiring multiple papers to be connected in order to complete the task. Mutty and a group that was comprised of staff from the company and volunteers rolled the cigarette and displayed it across several tables at the Harvest Cup this past Saturday.

The cigarette wasn’t offered for consumption. After being on display, 24 feet of it were chopped off and set aside for an event Beantown Greentown has scheduled for next April.

The Harvest Cup was inaugurated last year to celebrate the 2016 legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts. It includes a number of events and displays from retailers, as well as a competition in 12 different cannabis categories. These include, among others, vape pens, cannabidiol (CBD) extracts, CBD topicals, indoor flowers, edibles and sauces.