Massachusetts is changing cannabis cultivation rules that might impact the industry

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The state will allow certain pesticides, which could lead to changes elsewhere

The way cannabis cultivation is handled in Massachusetts could change. Regulators say it is now possible to use certain pesticides that are also used on tobacco and hemp. It is certainly a move that could change the industry, specifically in the Bay State.

Initially, Massachusetts authorities had certain rules about the use of pesticides in the marijuana industry, but it appears that their views have changed. As a result, growers will now be able to use chemicals to combat pests. Previously, these pesticides were approved for different crops, but cannabis was out of the equation.

The news comes after a policy change was made by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) late last month. The move reverses a previous prohibitionist policy that stated that non-organic pesticides could not be used by marijuana growers in the state.

“MDAR recognizes that the industry has been in need of tools to help combat pest problems,” an agency spokeswoman said. “By updating the pesticide policy and adding additional precautionary measures, the new criteria will provide the industry with new tools to protect their crops while still ensuring current laws and safety measures are complied with.”

There is no specific official list setting out the approved pesticides. Still, the MDAR memo clarifies that it is possible to use any pesticide approved by the federal government for use on both hemp and tobacco. Using a flow chart, the regulators also intend to guide so that growers have a clear idea when determining whether a pesticide is allowed or not. This is news that many growers are delighted to hear, as they say it will make production much easier for them.