Massachusetts golf tournament brings together the best of two greens

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The TeeHC Open scores a hole in one with cannabis enthusiasts

Sometimes, it is very pleasant to carry out an intense activity while you are high. Cannabis can give you that extra focus and attention you need, while inducing much-needed relaxation. This can even be true for golfers. Massachusetts remains a very open state with the consumption of this plant, and a clear example of this was the TeeHC Open. This golf event co-hosted by Joint Ventures and Cannabis Creative Group at Highfields Golf & Country Club in Grafton had a special guest last Friday, cannabis.

Ann Brum, CEO and founder of Joint Ventures, commented on the event, stating, “There’s something that we’re actually doing that’s more engaging than just a six-foot table at a traditional networking show. I feel like what we’ve done here is being able to position our industry with the mainstream in a really well-received way.”

The private outdoor event gave attendees the opportunity to consume the products and brands that they have dedicated their professional lives to creating. There is no doubt that for many golfers, cannabis is like a Hole in One. Even for those who had no experience in the sport, there were activities that kept them entertained.

While the experts did their thing on the green, others took part in cannabis-themed trivia on the terrace or played miniature golf on a makeshift course set up in the parking lot. Undoubtedly what caught the most attention was the air cannon. Everyone was trying to shoot a golf ball at a flagpole about 200 yards away using a device similar to a potato gun.

Many attendees indicated that the event was certainly a game changer. They were able to engage in conversations with buyers and other businesses while consuming the actual product, something that may actually be difficult to find in a still regulated environment.


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