Massachusetts gets a new cannabis university from Agrify

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Agrify has opened its Agrify University to provide greater access to cannabis education

The cannabis industry is seeing an exponential increase, and with this, it is necessary that more programs are implemented to properly educate people who are becoming more and more immersed in the space. Agrify Corporation, a developer of highly advanced precision growing hardware and software solutions, is very clear about this, which is why it has decided to announce the opening of Agrify University.

This new state-of-the-art vertical farming facility will consist of a total of 3,500 square feet and will be dedicated to implementing advanced cultivation methods that are characteristic of the company. With this new project-based learning experience, it will be paramount for Agrify’s customers to receive proper training while providing a wealth of knowledge and training in cannabis cultivation to the next generation of growers. The idea is to implement a program that, in the long term, will serve as a toolbox leading to improved cultivation success, leveraging the power of Agrify’s agricultural units and software solution.

This new facility, led by David Kessler, Agrify’s CSO, and a team experienced in various fields, is located in Billerica, MA. It has the ability to provide participants with classroom, on-site and on-demand learning options. The curricula are focused on enabling customers and growers to expand their knowledge, especially when it comes to interpreting cultivation data, applying innovative scientific research, and taking advantage of all the technology offered by Agrify to improve their indoor cannabis cultivation practices.

“The cultivation methods used by many operators have not evolved as quickly as the industry itself, and we see an opportunity to use the power of cutting-edge data and techniques to dramatically improve the quality and yields of indoor cultivation,” said Kessler. “Agrify University utilizes our extensive data sets of cannabis research and technology innovation to provide a curriculum that we believe will support the long-term growth of our industry. We are proud to add this valuable resource to our comprehensive Agrify ecosystem, and look forward to welcoming our first cohorts.”