Massachusetts company combines dispensary with cannabis museum to highlight the failed war on drugs

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Seed is a complete cannabis culture experience in Jamaica Plain

Seed is located in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood and is considered to be more than just a dispensary, as its retail experience is unlike any other. A co-location museum with justice at its core contributes to this facility offering a more complete cannabis culture experience.

Seed is expected to open its doors to the public this Saturday to provide a variety of cannabis-related items, including massage oils, dozens of flowers, concentrates, and more on the menu. The dispensary also houses the Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum, which aims to provide a platform for interested people to have space where they can gain some insight into the war on drugs and the impact it has had on low-income communities. April Arrasate, Seed’s CEO said, “We wanted to provide a platform, create some culture that could allow people who had been victimized by the drug war to have voice.”

Arrasate indicates that Seed is 72% owned by women entrepreneurs who like to give a different approach to their services while saying that its management is 100% diverse. She added, “We pride ourselves on being a diverse organization all the way through and through. I would say that really defines our organization.”

Arrasate’s interest in the cannabis business has long been noted, as she was also a founder of Curaleaf. “I really founded that business with a very large fire of injustice in my heart because I had lost my mom to breast cancer and I was pretty horrified by the state of affairs for people dying in this country,” explains the entrepreneur. “I felt like the success was linked to that passion that I had in sort of building that company for my mom, so when we started this, I didn’t go out and seek out women and people of color. It was more that we were just already in orbit together.”