Massachusetts now has four cannabis testing labs

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The labs are helping to keep marijuana consumers protected

 Recreational marijuana sales in Massachusetts have been available for close to a month. The industry is beginning to flourish and testing labs are being introduced to help consumers remain protected. All marijuana sales are subject to testing before distribution and there are now four different labs that are operating across the state.

One is Evio Labs, a national cannabis company that operates labs in five states in the U.S. It is able to test cannabinoid and terpenes, as well as determine the presence of any pesticides or residual solvents. Additionally, the lab can provide microbiological testing and offer consultation services. Evio is currently located in Southboro, but has plans to move to Framingham.

ProVerde Labs in Milford works with a number of cannabis dispensaries. It employs “cutting-edge” technology to deliver accurate results and offers a range of services, including cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) testing, product development assistance and consulting.

CDX Analytics works closely with regulators in Massachusetts in an effort to ensure that its testing meets compliance regulations. The company only works with medical dispensaries, but is able to provide consulting for any cannabis-based business. CDX also offers pick-up and drop-off service for dispensaries, making the testing process a little less cumbersome for the shops.

MCR Labs was the first independent lab to be accredited by the state. They can test for potency or heavy metals and provide terpene cannabinoid and terpene profiling. Results of the tests are published on its website in order to allow consumers to learn about product quality.

The labs play an important role in protecting the cannabis industry. When properly managed, the testing process can be an integral component of positive marijuana growth around the country.

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