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More marijuana users are becoming snobbish with their selections

Big businesses take heed. Marijuana users are starting to shift away from “mass market” weed in favor of artisan, high-quality strains. More users are becoming cannabis connoisseurs and are looking for product that meets certain criteria, including where and how the strains are grown. This trend is most likely going to continue as marijuana education and awareness grows.

According to author Ryan Stoa, who follows cannabis and the changing market, high-end weed will become more popular. He recognizes that there will always be a need for “generic” marijuana, but adds, “We’re already seeing a connoisseur market emerging in the marijuana industry – consumers are often interested in the characteristics of different cannabis strains, as well as where and how those strains were grown. Millennials will surely help drive demand for artisanal marijuana, but I think it’s likely that more mature consumers will appreciate high-quality product as well.”

Stoa points out that there is already a movement to name strains after their origin – much the way fine wine is named – so that users will immediately be able to discern the different strains. He explains, “THC content is not synonymous with quality marijuana, just like alcohol content is not synonymous with quality wine. Not everyone wants to get debilitating high when they consume marijuana. As the industry matures, growers and breeders are developing high-quality strains that prioritise characteristics other than THC content, such as a strain’s medicinal benefits, mood enhancements, or flavour.”

The concept makes sense. As competition increases, marketers are going to look for ways to make their products stand out. Just like someone would spend four times the amount of money on a cell phone that works exactly the same as a less-expensive model, they’ll do the same with their marijuana purchases.