Maryland’s marijuana referendum next month to be a hot topic at the polls

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November is going to be a hot month for several states considering cannabis legalization

More polls interested in marijuana support continue to pour into Maryland. The most recent one indicates that the referendum to legalize cannabis in this state has solid support. What is perhaps better news for stakeholders is that many potential voters said they were even more motivated to get to the polls after learning that marijuana reform was on the ballot. This is certainly good news for lawmakers in the Old Line State who have struggled of late to bring this market to life.

Sojourn Strategies and Victoria Research were in charge of conducting this internal poll. The results were shared by the “Yes on 4” campaign last Thursday. Roughly 70% of eligible voters were found to support the referendum question. If passed, it would trigger companion legislation to implement marijuana regulations.

On the other hand, when asked what their intentions are regarding the enactment of cannabis legalization, 59% of respondents said they have a strong interest in the issue. Just over 60% said they were more likely to vote knowing that legalization was on the ballot. In simple terms, approximately 10% of the potential electorate said they are more likely to leave their homes to vote because the cannabis measure will be on the ballot.

“We are working hard on digital mobilization and advertising that reaches voters who might otherwise stay home in November,” Yes on 4 Campaign Chairman Eugene Monroe, a former NFL player, said in a press release. “Each day, we are having more conversations with Maryland voters who know marijuana legalization will bring jobs and justice to historically underserved communities.”

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