Marijuana vacation rentals are the new fad

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A growing number of vacation properties are becoming marijuana-friendly

Cannabis-friendly tourism is an emerging concept worldwide. If you want to immerse yourself in cannabis culture when enjoying a vacation, there is no doubt that Nicole Butler’s bed-and-breakfast is a great option.

In the US, there are already boutique hotels that have specialized in being cannabis-friendly, so they cater to travelers with a passion for the plant, a segment with great growth potential. Butler was looking to have her own location and that is why she has given life to this rental site.

Enthusiasts receive cannabis-infused candy at check-in to start the experience off right. Whatever you consume, from shrimp to homemade grits, the snacks prepared there will have a special touch to give your vacation an incredible twist.

“I’ve really just tried to give people what they’re used to, just with the added element of cannabis,” said Butler. Butler requested permission from the landlords to begin listing her three-bedroom, three-bathroom townhouse in Washington, DC, on four years ago. Since then, the visionary has taken it upon herself to connect guests with hosts who allow marijuana use in their properties.

While the site may not yet have the popularity of Airbnb, the niche market of marijuana-friendly accommodations has started to gain too much traction, especially with recreational use allowed in nearly 20 states. Recent data from Forbes indicates that cannabis tourism has grown so much that it is now an industry valued at $17 billion.

Different marijuana-friendly rental hosts think outside the box. Butler, in addition to offering rooms starting at $420 a night, also provides strain options to choose from within the equipped cannabis bar. This coupled with CBD massages, cannabis yoga, and plant education, will make anyone’s vacation one for the ages.

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