Marijuana-themed restaurant chain continues to expand across the US

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Cheba Hut has seen rapid growth in the past couple of years

Cheba Hut was born in Tempe, AZ, in 1998, bringing marijuana-themed dining to the scene at a time that the plant was still considered by the vast majority to be taboo. Since then, the restaurant chain has continued to see considerable growth, including a number of new franchises opening in Colorado last year. The expansion continues – at the same time that cannabis is becoming more accepted in society – and the chain has recently made appearances in Georgia and Texas.

Atlanta, GA, is getting a Cheba Hut when the sandwich chain comes to Signature West Midtown on October 5. It was initially going to open this month, but needed more time to get everything ready. Following this opening, at least two more locations will be launching in the Atlanta area in the near future.

The first Cheba Hut in Texas was opened this past June, choosing a location close to the University of Texas-Austin as the best location. Since then, another has popped up in Dallas, and others are in the works for the state, as well. To date, there are 39 Cheba Hut shops scattered across the US, with more constantly being added to the lineup.

Cheba Hut is proud of its menu, which offers options such as the White Widow and its grilled chicken breast and the A-Train with its portobellos mushrooms and garlic butter. The restaurants are all decked out in marijuana-themed décor and, even though none of the menu items actually includes marijuana ingredients, diners can’t resist the laid-back ambience induced by the surroundings.