Marijuana-themed license plates are coming to Colorado

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Colorado is going to issue cannabis license plates to raise money for a worthy cause

Colorado has had a great reputation lately after being recognized as one of the most supportive states for marijuana use and its legalization. That’s why officials have been taking advantage of it for a good cause. They have created the initiative of auctioning cannabis-themed license plates in order to earn extra income for the state and help a disability fund.

All those interested in getting one of these vanity plates can do so until April 20. There are a variety of terms printed on these plates, including “GANJA,” “BONG,” “ISIT420,” “GOTWAX,” “HEMP,” and even “TEGRIDY,” a reference to South Park’s fictional marijuana farm. “The Colorado Disability Funding Committee had the TEGRIDY to STASH away some great HERB related license plate configurations and is making them available to you. Don’t be GREEN with envy because your neighbor GOTWAX and HONEY, bid on a plate and support people with disabilities,” a Facebook post on the Colorado License Plates Auctions page states.

The page for each auctioned license plate has a disclaimer encouraging responsible cannabis use, as well as being mindful not to drive while under the influence of alcohol. All proceeds from the auction will go directly to the Colorado Disabilities Funding Committee, whose goal is to award grants to organizations that “have new and innovative ideas that benefit the disability community.”

During 2020, marijuana-related sales exceeded $2 billion in this state, making it clear that the popularity of the market is extreme, and that this auction will be a huge success. Although this state has been one of the first to legalize adult-use, the program is still evolving. In fact, last month, the House of Representatives passed a bill that seeks to increase the legal marijuana possession limit, while Governor Jared Polis signed legislation aimed at creating a social equity fund related to the growing industry.