Marijuana stocks in 2019 to get a boost thanks to this country

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The first cannabis-exporting “superpower” is going to help marijuana stocks excel this year

Canada is a superpower. While it may not have the military might that other countries display, it is proving to be a leader in the marijuana industry. Because of its continued efforts to legalize the plant and a plethora of export deals in the works, Canada is going to almost singlehandedly help the marijuana stock market achieve new heights throughout 2019.

Canada already leads the world in marijuana research and is about to become the superpower of marijuana exports. Most notably, as reported last December, Aurora Cannabis has struck a deal to export cannabis to Mexico, which is going to seriously boost the company’s stock. It is also going to open the doors to billions of dollars’ worth of new opportunities.

Aurora has also entered a deal to provide Poland with medical marijuana. That country’s Ministry of Health announced last October that it had given Aurora approval for the first of what should be many shipments of medical cannabis. Including Mexico and Poland, Aurora has signed agreements with 21 countries across five continents to supply them with cannabis.

Another Canadian company, Tilray, is also going to be exporting marijuana. According to an announcement from last September, the U.S. government has agreed to allow the company to ship marijuana to California in order to be used for scientific research. Tilray’s director of clinical research, Dr. Catherine Jacobson, said at the time, “It’s quite significant. This is the first time a Canadian (licensed producer) has demonstrated to the [Food & Drug Administration] that a study drug produced in Canada from the cannabis plant can meet its standards.”

This is only the beginning. Deals are being struck on virtually a daily basis in the marijuana industry across the globe and things will only expand from here. As the industry matures, so will the marijuana stock market, producing a windfall for a certain amount of investors ready to put their wallets behind the companies.

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