Marijuana shown to fight obesity

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Using marijuana promotes effects to reduce the waistline

Cannabinoid receptors (CB) in the body are known to regulate characteristics such as food intake, inflammation and thermogenesis. Recent studies have shown that stimulating CB2 can limit inflammation, as well as providing anti-obesity effects. That stimulation can come from a variety of sources, but consuming cannabis and cannabinoids are the most obvious, natural alternative.

The study reads, in part, “Obesity is an increasing health problem worldwide. Its related comorbidities imply a high cost for the National Health System and diminish a patient’s life quality. Adipose tissue is composed of three types of cells. White adipocytes are involved in fat storage and secretion of hormones. Brown adipocytes are involved in thermogenesis and caloric expenditure. Beige adipocytes are transitional adipocytes that in response to various stimuli can turn from white to brown and could be protective against the obesity, enhancing energy expenditure. The conversion of white in beige adipose tissue is a potential new therapeutic target for obesity. Cannabinoid receptors (CB) regulate thermogenesis, food intake and inflammation.

“CB1 ablation or inhibition helps reducing body weight and food intake. Stimulation of CB2 limits inflammation and promotes anti-obesity effects by reducing food intake and weight gain. Its genetic ablation results in adiposity development. CB receptors are also responsible for transforming white adipose tissue towards beige or brown adipocytes, therefore their modulation can be considered potential anti-obesity target. CB1 principal localization in [the] central nervous system represents an important limit. Stimulation of CB2, principally localized on peripheral cells instead, should facilitate the anti-obesity effects without exerting remarkable psychotropic activity.”

Obesity is recognized as an international health problem. It results in a myriad of issues, some of which can never be reversed, even with weight loss. Combatting the subject at an early stage is the best way to ensure a healthy lifestyle, and cannabis use has, once again, shown its value to the medical community.