Marijuana research, innovation helps increase yields

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Fine-tuning marijuana cultivation is helping increase crop output

With cannabis becoming such a popular substance, making its way into everything from drinks to lotions to food, it’s no surprise that companies want to learn how to better cultivate the plant to produce larger and better yields. The marijuana boom is already helping the companies reach that goal, allowing research to improve cannabis output. Some companies are also experiencing with “cannabis cloning” in order to help.

Marijuana Company of America (MCA) is one of those that has turned to cannabis cloning. The company’s hemp project in Oregon is “in high gear” and planting this year will take place “as early as possible.” MCA hopes that it will have at least 45 to 60 days of growing time, which will allow its hemp plants to grow larger and generate a greater amount of biomass.

The program has become so successful that MCA expects to produce more clones than what it needs for its Oregon project. This will allow the firm to sell clones to other farms, which will also result in better crops. Even though Oregon is suffering from a cannabis surplus, deals are being worked to help it export its supply to other jurisdictions.

MCA’s project is just one of several that are helping the marijuana industry grow, literally and figuratively. However, more innovation is needed. According to a report by the University of Vermont Extension, “To help farmers succeed, agronomic research on hemp is needed. We evaluated hemp CBD varieties, growing conditions (under hoop house and outdoors), and planting stock (seed or clonal propagation). Hemp is a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis sativa L. The crop is one of historical importance in the U.S. and re-emerging worldwide importance as medical providers and manufacturers seek hemp as a renewable and sustainable resource for a wide variety of consumer and industrial products.”

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