Marijuana naysayer becomes a believer after accident

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A life-changing accident turns a marijuana opponent into an advocate

A man who was convinced that marijuana had zero medical benefits for most of his life learned the hard way how wrong he was. After suffering a spinal cord injury when he was about 30, the unnamed individual, who we’ll call Mike, was left a paraplegic with constant pain. After not being able to find relief with conventional medicine, he turned to cannabis and has never looked back. That was over 30 years ago and he admits that he was completely wrong about marijuana before the accident.

Mike’s accident was the result of a dive off a bridge into shallow water. He broke his back and injured his spinal cord, but suffered from constant pain and leg spasms – a common side effect of spinal cord injuries. Prescribed painkillers did their job for a while, but his body built up a tolerance and never helped alleviate the spasms.

He turned to marijuana after hearing stories of how it had helped others with their chronic pain issues. He was surprised at how effective it was, ridding him of the pain in a matter of minutes. He also quickly realized that, when he consumed, the leg spasms disappeared completely. If he takes a break and doesn’t consume for a couple of days, the spasms start again. Consuming even a small amount, which Mike does every few days, helps to remove the stiffness in his legs.

Mike is now an avid supporter of marijuana for medical purposes, as well as recreational. He understands the medical value and, after having consumed for more than 30 years, realizes that the hype condemning recreational use was completely erroneous. He hopes that the truth can continue to make it to the surface so that more people understand the true benefits of marijuana.