Marijuana lounges set to become a big part of the cannabis industry

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The concept of the cannabis consumption lounge is gaining popularity across the US

Marijuana enthusiasts may now be able to gather in social lounges where they will be allowed to enjoy their consumption without any problems. This is a growing trend that is being seen across the US. Especially now that the legalization of recreational marijuana is a fact in New Jersey, consumption lounges are going to receive a lot more attention nationwide.

New Jersey plans on providing licenses to certain public places so that adults can enjoy the consumption of marijuana among them. In order to get a consumer area license, a retail license is required first, and in order to achieve this, several guidelines must be followed.

“The municipal and state commission, the cannabis regulatory commission, has to approve the cannabis consumption area to operate within the space of a retail operation,” said attorney, Bill Beneduce. He is optimistic about the future of cannabis businesses in the state, even though some cities have already issued a ban on cannabis businesses.
“There shall be no ability to drink alcohol. There will be no ability to smoke cigarettes. No beer, no whiskey, no scotch. It will be strictly focused on cannabis. It also won’t be able to operate as a food retail establishment, so it can’t sell food,” said Beneduce.

The municipalities in which these lounges are located will be in charge of the regulations, as well as the schedules, where they are installed, and in what form. According to the legislation, people who opt for these licenses must have totally separate areas so that the smell of marijuana does not pass into the dispensary. Several experts have indicated that cities with walkable downtown areas could benefit from the businesses.

The cannabis consumption lounge idea has been seen elsewhere in the US, including in Colorado and Nevada. As the negative stigma surrounding marijuana continues to wane, it is very possible that, within a few years, these social lounges will appear more frequently in all legal cannabis states.