Marijuana lounges coming to Denver

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Denver will become one of the first cities to introduce the marijuana zones

Most jurisdictions where marijuana has been legalized still prohibit use anywhere except for in private residences. As acceptance continues to grow, this is changing, however, and a prime example comes out of Denver, CO. The city is going to allow the opening of marijuana lounges after it recently approved a cannabis social consumption permit.

The permit was submitted by a Denver-based company, Vape and Play. It will allow for the creation of designation marijuana consumption areas (DCA) within the facilities, which will be open to anyone 21 years old or older. No sales or distribution will be allowed within the DCAs, meaning users will need to bring their own cannabis.

Vape and Play founder Taylor Rosean said during an interview with, “We really are trying to expand our brand and expand social cannabis consumption in general. I think the whole cannabis community just wants to shine and I think that the more venues like this exist, the more we’ll see the best of this business.”

The first Vape and Play is already under construction. It will be located on S. Broadway, in the vicinity of several dispensaries, breweries and restaurants. The lounge will open toward the end of November and will serve as an entertainment venue, which will also include its Vape Bar with fixed vaporizers where guests can consume their own products.

Rosean explains that the facility will operate like a “movie theater.” Tickets to enter will need to be purchased, and will be available in 2-3 hour windows. Eventually, more Vape and Play locations will dot the Denver landscape. Rosean adds, “We’re really trying to expand the way people think of cannabis. I love the cannabis community and the cannabis industry. … I look at this as the least I can do in giving back to the people that inspired me.”