Marijuana legalization supported by most DC voters

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Even though Congress is standing in the way, DC residents want legal cannabis

A new poll regarding marijuana support has been conducted in Washington, DC. According to the results, it was noted that many of the region’s voters strongly support the legalization of the plant while taking an opposing stance to crack down on the cannabis “gift” market that has emerged in the absence of regulated sales. The poll was conducted by Bright Corners Research & Strategies and was commissioned by the I-71 Committee.

Once the poll was analyzed, experts found that more than 70% of likely voters are in favor of legalization. 66% of respondents said they specifically support the implementation of the District’s marijuana reform law that passed on the ballot eight years ago. That initiative was charged with legalizing the personal cultivation, low-level possession, or gift of marijuana for persons 21 and older.

However, according to a congressional spending bill, DC has not been able to have the opportunity to establish a recreational sales system. Instead, it has given way for an unregulated market to proliferate, with some cannabis companies offering their products for free when some purchase non-cannabis goods and services as a legal solution.

These “freebies” have created a loophole in which certain regulators and legislators have expressed concern. Still, 76% of respondents indicated that they would prefer that the District “reform current laws to create a more regulated market” that would allow sales. About 20% indicated that the best course of action would be to close the gift trade. No doubt, the findings should be appreciated by state officials.