Marijuana-infused lubricants come to Massachusetts

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The marijuana industry is getting spicy

Massachusetts dispensaries are about to see a product never before offered in the state. A cannabis-infused lubricant is coming and the product’s developers are certain that it will help change the way people view, and use, marijuana.

The idea began in February last year. The brainchild of Sieh and Leah Samura, they turned to the Sira Accelerator program in October in order to take their idea to the next level and Purient was born. Sieh states of the product, “We designed Purient to kind of be the end-all-be-all to this whole category. It’s stronger than other products that even try to come close to what we’re doing. It’s designed to be more effective.”

The Sira Accelerator is offered by Sira Naturals and was created to allow cannabis entrepreneurs scale their products to take them to market. Purient has become the first product to make it to mainstream acceptance through the program, but there are still challenges ahead.

The Cannabis Control Commission needs to provide the company with a license in order for Purient to be manufactured. Sira isn’t waiting around, though, and has already licensed the recipe and intellectual property in order to create and sell Purient in dispensaries. Sira CEO Michael Dundas explains, “It puts their product on the shelf faster, they get exposure in the marketplace for it, they build their brand, and not only that, they get a piece of every sale of their product.”

Leah Samura adds, “You have to make the bedroom more exciting. That’s just a given.”