Marijuana industry pleased after judge dismisses Colorado-property value lawsuit

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Marijuana didn’t hurt the plaintiffs’ property value, says a jury

Just a few days ago, Toking Times reported on a federal lawsuit in Colorado that saw two property owners square off against a marijuana company. The property owners were suing the company, claiming that it had caused their property value to decline. The case was being watched by virtually the entire marijuana industry, in particular, because the plaintiffs were asserting that the business was in violation of anti-racketeering laws. If they had won, it could have had dire consequences for the entire marijuana industry in the U.S. However, the jury hearing the case has rightfully sided with the defendants, meaning the industry can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

The lawsuit was brought against the grow facility by Michael and Phillis Windy Reilly. The couple owns land adjacent to the defendant’s grow facility and had argued that the smell emanating from the facility, coupled with the “unsightly” aspect of the operations and the claim that no one wanted to live next to the business, had resulted in their property losing value. They asserted that the facility was in violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) because marijuana is illegal under federal law.

The jurors didn’t buy the claims. They deliberated for only about half a day before revealing their verdict, handing victory to the defendants. As the Reillys left the courtroom, they refused to make a statement.

What makes this case even more poignant is the legal representation retained by the Reillys. They turned to a law firm out of Washington, DC that has direct ties with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions – the man who has singlehandedly been suppressing marijuana research.

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