Marijuana-impaired driving warnings could be coming to cannabis products

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The National Transportation Safety Board wants warning labels on cannabis goods

While it is true that different studies have shown that marijuana does not have serious effects when driving a vehicle, a federal agency is urging states to require warning labels for driving under the influence of this plant. It is important to keep in mind that the over-consumption of cannabis products can affect cognitive functions. The agency wants to raise awareness about it, especially since national prohibition is blocking broader action.

Last Thursday, states where marijuana has already been legalized were urged by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to include warning labels on cannabis products. Those warnings are expected to relate to the drug’s effects on driving, noting that the current federal prohibition remains an obstacle to nationalizing such consumer education to mitigate public safety risks.

Through the NTSB report, a detailed description of the “crash risk associated with different drugs, including alcohol, and the prevalence of their use among drivers has been shared.” On the other hand, certain “countermeasures to reduce impairment-related crashes have also been established.” One of these is to require labeling of cannabis products so that drivers are aware whenever they get behind the wheel under the influence of the plant.

While several legal states require such labeling, the board acknowledged that there are others that have not followed suit. The report notes that there is no federal requirement to label cannabis since marijuana remains illegal by the federal government. Still, the agency hopes that with this new call, many other states will take the initiative and seek to take care of social welfare on the road.