Marijuana fans will enjoy listening to these podcasts

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Anyone who wants to follow the cannabis industry has several insightful podcasts to follow

Podcasting is one of the few communication platforms that has not been affected by censorship. Naturally, marijuana podcasts are booming. Today, listeners enjoy insightful, funny, and cannabis-friendly conversations. The most interesting people in the world often use podcasts to share stories. So it’s time to catch up on a selection of must-have podcasts for cannabis lovers.

Maybe it’s necessary to resort to jokes and humor from time to time. Getting Doug With High won’t necessarily make you a marijuana master, but it will make you laugh. Doug Benson leads the show and his guests never disappoint.

Benson is the creator of Super High Me, the famous documentary about marijuana and comedy. That gives you an idea of how funny the podcast is.

For those who are more interested in news than stories of a well-known character’s first high, CannaInsider is your choice. In fact, it’s the most popular marijuana podcast on iTunes right now. Matthew Kind covers many topics in this podcast, from legalization to cannabis tourism to becoming a cannabis entrepreneur.

Weedsday Wednesday! is the veteran of cannabis podcasts. It refuses to go away. Belle Starr & The Cannabis Kid have been airing weekly episodes since August 2012. That makes it the longest-running marijuana podcast of all time, and it might be older than your favorite cannabis strain. This quirky podcast brings quality content related to cannabis news, strain reviews, and medical marijuana information.

Cannabis women, High Friends is for you. This podcast was created and is hosted by women who love marijuana. That doesn’t mean that men can’t enjoy this show as well. After all, it’s full of women who have had a big influence in the world of marijuana, whether it’s in business, research, or otherwise. The podcast hosts have talked about craft marijuana, how to become a cannabis sommelier, and interviewed a mother who wants to treat her son with medical marijuana.

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