Marijuana equity groups launch summit to push northeast standard laws

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The event follows a recent meeting-of-the-minds of northeast state leaders

A summit is programmed to happen this December to make structure the plans of Legalizing Marijuana across the northeast coast. The Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) is looking into preparing the field for any new marijuana-related laws that might be approved in the near future. Their goal is to make sure that every legislation approved will guarantee that they are in the best interest of social equity. They also stated that any new legislation should come to empower the communities affected the most about the current restrictions.

The conference conducted by the governors of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania at the beginning of October insisted on the urge of developing a market in which legal stores can operate all across the country that won’t allow any discrimination or security problem from happening. In response to this conference, the summit was announced.

The website for the event states they will host approximately one hundred participants that currently have great expertise in the current policies in the area in an attempt to better understand how the collaboration of cannabis commerce could possibly give the most benefit to the community.

One of the panelists in the summit will be Shaleen Title, a commissioner on the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. “I applaud the leadership in the Northeast states, along with MCBA and its partners, for seeking to model a fair regional approach that can also support a federal framework. Any policymaker with an interest in cannabis should consider attending this summit,” said Title.

One of the founders of the Craft Cannabis Alliance also declared that this summit has the potential to create a system that enhances the current policies towards the communities of west coast farmers and distributors on the east coast. MCBA released in the past, a model for legislation that gives priority to equity in the cannabis industry.