Marijuana election roundup, how the US landscape is changing

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Marijuana sees more approval following the midterm elections

The midterm elections are now behind us and the results are in. Marijuana continues to succeed across the country and has now been legalized in more states. With the continued adoption on the state level, and a previous pledge by President Trump, it won’t be too long before federal regulations are implemented.

Michigan became the tenth state in the country to legalize marijuana use for all adults. Voters accepted Proposition 1, making Michigan the first Midwest state to legalize recreational marijuana. Whereas most states only permit possession of up to an ounce, Michigan will allow up to 2.5 ounces.

Utah voters recognize the value of marijuana in treating medical issues and approved Proposition 2. The measure will allow qualified patients to be able to legally take advantage of the benefits of the plant. A special session to lay out the framework of the program will be held this month.

Amendment 2 in Missouri saw a great deal of support. Voters were forced to choose between three different measures, and ultimately agreed to allow medical marijuana with a tax of 4%.

The only other state that was considering marijuana legislation was North Dakota. However, voters didn’t agree to the plan. This was more than likely due to its broad scope, rather than the fact that the state’s citizens oppose marijuana. The measure before voters would have allowed possession of any amount and would not have introduced a regulatory framework.

Marijuana continues to gain favor among the population and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. This is going to lead to a substantial industry that will help states prosper and provide medical relief to millions. It’s about time.