Marijuana deliveries could be coming in Colorado

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Lawmakers in Colorado are discussing a bill to allow marijuana deliveries

This past Tuesday, a bill was introduced to Colorado’s legislation that could allow cannabis deliveries in the state. While many marijuana expansion bills never saw the light under Colorado’s former governor, John Hickenlooper, current governor Jared Polis has already shown that he is more amenable to different marijuana bills.

If the bill, House Bill (HB) 19-1234, receives support and is turned into law, companies would need to apply for a permit to deliver cannabis and related products. Those entities would also need to participate in a training program designed around marijuana deliveries, similar to what has already been seen in California.

Medical cannabis deliveries would be launched in January of next year; retail deliveries would follow a year later. Licenses would be issued for one year, after which they can be renewed. The cost of the licenses has not yet been established.

Polis has been a supporter of marijuana legalization for years and promised, during his campaign to become governor, to sign into law several proposals that his predecessor had rejected. This has made many lawmakers more enthusiastic about introducing more marijuana legislation and helping the state’s industry to flourish. Some of these include would pave the way for on-site consumption at licensed stores, allow marijuana in lieu of opioids in any situation and could authorize marijuana patients to own legally own firearms. Hickenlooper, who thinks he has a shot at becoming the next president, blocked virtually every marijuana bill that crossed his desk, including one that would have recognized marijuana in the treatment of autism.

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