Marijuana cigarettes and CBD could help tobacco smokers kick the habit

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Getting away from tobacco is made infinitely easier with CBD

One of the most difficult and challenging things to do is to quit smoking. Nicotine is said to be infinitely more addictive than heroin and kicking the habit of either is not an easy task. However, there is some assistance readily available to those looking to leave tobacco behind – cannabidiol (CBD).

Cannabis cigarettes (pre-rolls, as they’re often called) that contain CBD can help cigarette smokers break free of the addiction. Since cannabis and CBD have been shown to not be addiction-creating substances, as verified by the World Health Organization, the chances of giving up one addiction for another are zero.

Studies have shown that CBD users reduced their cigarette consumption by 40% – certainly a level worthy of consideration. CBD can also help reduce anxiety, which is often a side effect of nicotine withdrawal. In addition, there has been no link between cannabis smoking and cancer or lung disease, meaning those wanting to give up the cigarette habit and use pre-rolls don’t need to be concerned with the effects of inhalation.

A study conducted earlier this year showed that CBD has “the potential to reduce craving and relapse in abstinent substance users, by impairing reconsolidation of drug-reward memory, salience of drug cues, and inhibiting the reward-facilitating effect of drugs.” It can help curb the desire to light up when smokers typically pull out the pack – after a meal, after sex, while drinking and when first waking up.

There are a number of pre-rolls available that can help smokers give up their cigarettes. Discuss the options with your local budtender and find out which one is the best for your particular situation.

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