Man smuggles marijuana into jail in his nose, finds it 18 years later

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A doctor’s visit causes the truth – and the marijuana – to come out

This will probably make the 2019 medical highlight reels. A man went to prison 18 years ago and was prepared to enjoy his time a little easier. The Australian attempted to smuggle marijuana in with him, putting it in a balloon and stuffing it up his nose. However, the plan went awry when he accidentally swallowed the balloon, causing him to lose his precious stash – or so he thought.

As it turns out, the marijuana never left his nose. It stayed there for 18 years while he was completely unaware of its presence. A trip to a doctor’s office for headaches and breathing issues finally uncovered the mystery.

At first, doctors thought he had a stone in the nasal cavity. A head scan found an obstruction and doctors proceeded to remove the 19mmx11mm object through endoscopy. That was when the real source of his headaches and breathing problems was found.

According to the doctors, “The histopathology report noted a ‘rubber capsule containing degenerate vegetable/plant matter.’ On follow-up and specific questioning, the patient was able to recall an incident that occurred 18 years prior, while he was incarcerated. During a prison visit, the patient’s girlfriend supplied him with a small quantity of marijuana, inside a rubber balloon. In order to evade detection, the patient inserted the package inside his right nostril.”

They continued, “Despite effectively smuggling the package past the prison guards, the patient then accidentally pushed the package deeper into his left nostril and mistakenly believed he had swallowed it. He remained unaware of the package’s presence until presented with the unusual histopathology report.”

Three months after the procedure, he’s back to normal.