Man asserts cannabis cured his paralysis

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He’s so convinced, he started his own cannabis oil company

An extremely debilitating disease found an unlucky victim and changed his life forever. 37-year-old Dan Rodwell suddenly lost all feeling in his lower body when Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) took over his system. Although physicians told him he wouldn’t be able to talk or walk for six to 18 months, within a month, he was back on his feet. He asserts that it was all due to the power of cannabidiol (CBD).

GBS is a rare condition that causes the body to attack its own nerves. He had already been dealing with Crohn’s disease and had heard about CBD oil through a friend. He said that it had been useful with the disease and he became such a believer that he launched his own line of CBD oil. When GBS took over his body, he once again turned to what he knew would work.

The disease initially only attacked a leg, leading Rodwell to believe that perhaps he had just slept wrong. However, he later lost all feeling in his lower half and was sent to the hospital. Physicians diagnosed the ailment, which typically causes numbness, pain, weakness and, on some occasions, death.

After initial treatment didn’t help, Rodwell was placed in a coma. He stayed that way for a couple of weeks and came around just before New Year’s Eve in 2017. He still wasn’t able to walk or talk and that’s when doctors gave him the bad news about his recovery. Not convinced, he told his wife to bring him some of his CBD oil.

He explains, “Then, using it every day, dripped onto my tongue, by January 7 I was able to talk again. By January 9, I stood up for the first time to give [wife] Cassie her birthday present.”

Seven days later, he took his first steps and within a week was walking on his own.