Make homemade cannabis taffy this weekend

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This easy-to-make recipe only needs two ingredients

A good taffy is one of those treats that can easily please any person, even if you don’t have a sweet tooth. Making your own homemade cannabis-infused taffy could give this maple candy a boost that can work perfectly as a dessert. This is a perfect, simple recipe for you to try at home this weekend, but make enough to last the whole weekend.


You will only need two cups of Maple Syrup (the brand of your choice, but of high-quality) and four grams of cannabidiol (CBD) dominant marijuana, which you need to decarboxylate first.

Preparation time: One hour

There are several ways to decarboxylate the marijuana, but, in this case, you can put it in a double boiler for 40 minutes at medium-high temperature; use foil to cover the top. Occasionally, you can stir the marijuana to make sure it is healing properly. Remember, this process is done to allow all the cannabinoids in the plant to be ingested and provide a proper effect. Once the cannabis is ready, simply add the two cups of maple syrup right into the double boiler while stirring occasionally. Let the mixture simmer for one more hour at the same temperature.

The fact that a double boiler is used allows for better control of the temperature, as it hardly can get over 215 Fahrenheit. Then, when it comes to allowing cannabis to be infused in the maple syrup, the most important thing is time. Once an hour passed, transfer the mixture into a saucepan that will allow you to increase the temperature and reach the necessary heat to make the candy (240 F to 250 F). Once it reaches that temperature, let it cool and start stirring at 175 F. Then, pour it on parchment paper, let it get hard and smash it into little pieces.