Maine to explore cannabis delivery legislation this session

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Maine lawmakers want to establish specific rules for marijuana deliveries

The delivery service has become especially popular in recent years. The arrival of COVID-19 into our lives meant that many people had to stay at home, and many of their essential products had to be ordered remotely. Marijuana has not been exempt from this equation, and Maine is making several efforts to get marijuana delivered to consumers’ doorsteps. Representative Joseph Perry is seeking to accomplish this through a bill.

The legislator knows how convenient the delivery service is, and through marijuana-related legislation, he is seeking to have this action legalized in the state. Through his bill, Perry seeks that certain dispensaries have the possibility of delivering cannabis for adults to the homes of their respective customers, a service that, until now, had only been enabled for the medical market.

“Rather than have people drive very long distances to go to an adult-use store or turn to the illegal market, I think it makes sense to allow them to purchase it legally and have it delivered to their homes,” Perry told the news outlet.

Perry’s legislation acknowledges that there are some local municipalities that have not yet approved adult-use stores, but regardless, it would allow recreational miners to make deliveries without any problems.

According to the release, lawmakers could hold a workshop on the bill in the coming days. Should the legislation become law, many recreational users will find it a much greater convenience, especially at a time when COVID-19 seems to be striking again through its different variants.