Maha Haq: From College Weed Club to Rising Cannabis Star

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Maha Haq’s journey from UCLA’s Cannaclub founder to a cannabis industry expert showcases passion-driven success in a budding sector.

The cannabis industry, still in its relative infancy, is rife with inspiring stories of entrepreneurs and advocates who’ve carved niches for themselves amidst changing landscapes and societal attitudes. One such story is that of Maha Haq, who transitioned from leading a college cannabis club to becoming a luminary in the cannabis world.

The College Days: Sowing Seeds of Passion

Maha Haq’s journey into the cannabis world began during her time at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). While cannabis had been slowly gaining acceptance as a medicinal and recreational substance, there was still a significant lack of informed conversation around it, especially in academic spaces. Recognizing this gap, Maha co-founded Cannaclub at UCLA in 2017, a student organization focused on cannabis education, advocacy, and professional networking.

The club’s primary aim was to provide a platform where students could engage in open dialogues about the benefits and risks of cannabis, beyond the often one-sided conversations found in mainstream media. By hosting events, workshops, and bringing in industry experts for talks, Cannaclub soon gained traction not just in UCLA but also in other campuses across the country.

Venturing Into The Cannabis Industry

Upon graduation, Maha realized that her passion for cannabis wasn’t just restricted to advocacy and education. She saw the budding industry as a space rife with opportunities. With her background in biochemistry, she understood the intricate details of the plant, its benefits, and potential applications in health and wellness.

Her first foray into the professional world of cannabis was with an internship at a leading cannabis consulting firm. This stint provided her with valuable insights into the operations of the industry, from cultivation and extraction to distribution and sales.

The Rise to Prominence

Maha’s unique blend of academic grounding, passion for advocacy, and hands-on industry experience positioned her as a unique voice in the cannabis space. She began to be recognized as an expert, speaking at various conferences, seminars, and panels.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Maha also ventured into entrepreneurship. Leveraging her biochemistry knowledge, she began consulting for brands looking to develop new cannabis-infused products, especially in the health and wellness space.

Her expertise also led her to work on policy formulation, where she collaborated with lawmakers to develop more informed and progressive cannabis regulations.

Cannaclub Goes National

Building on the success of Cannaclub at UCLA, Maha, along with her co-founders, decided to expand the club’s footprint. They transformed it into a national organization, establishing chapters in universities across the country. Today, Cannaclub operates in multiple universities, fostering education, advocacy, and professional development among students keen on joining the cannabis industry.

Under Maha’s guidance, the club also started offering internships, workshops, and scholarships, further cementing its role in shaping the future leaders of the cannabis world.

Challenges and Lessons

Maha’s journey, like that of many pioneers, hasn’t been without its challenges. The cannabis industry, despite its rapid growth, still grapples with regulatory uncertainties, societal stigmas, and operational hurdles. Maha often speaks about the importance of resilience, adaptability, and continuous learning as key drivers of her success.

She emphasizes the significance of community and collaboration. By building strong networks, sharing knowledge, and working cohesively, she believes the cannabis industry can overcome its challenges and truly realize its potential.

Looking Ahead

As a rising star in the cannabis world, Maha Haq is optimistic about the industry’s future. She envisions a world where cannabis is not only accepted but celebrated for its myriad benefits. For her, it’s not just about business but about shaping a more informed, health-conscious, and open society.