Lyft, Uber drivers changing lanes, now delivering marijuana

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Marijuana deliveries are more lucrative and safer than taxi services

Uber and Lyft have both made a dent in the for-hire transportation industry. They are found around the world – often amid a great deal of controversy with local taxi groups – but drivers are forced to work long hours for little money while dealing with potentially dangerous situations. Now, more drivers have discovered that there’s an easier, safer way to make money and switching from carrying passengers to carrying marijuana.

According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle, a number of Lyft and Uber drivers in California have been reducing their hours with the companies in order to deliver marijuana. One marijuana delivery company in particular indicated that it has hired more than 100 drivers that previously worked for Lyft and Uber.

The benefits of delivering marijuana are behind the shift. According to California law, marijuana delivery drivers must be full-time employees. This means that they are entitled to an hourly wage, overtime pay and medical leave. Some dispensaries even offer medical insurance, a retirement plan and vacation time in order to entice drivers to join them. Given that Uber and Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors with no benefits, the difference in earnings is substantial.

Sure, Uber and Lyft drivers make more money upfront, but they have to pay more in the end when Uncle Sam comes calling in April for taxes. There’s always a trade-off, though. Becoming a full-time employee means giving up the freedom to virtually work when you want. However, for those looking for stability and a solid paycheck, delivering marijuana could be the perfect solution.