Louisiana is making huge strides with its legal marijuana market

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The state has several cannabis bills in the works to help its market grow

Louisiana’s marijuana market is getting some big news after it was reported that the governor has signed ten bills into law regarding the plant. One of those measures includes expanding the number of medical dispensaries eligible to operate in the state, in addition to another that takes away the jurisdiction of police officers to search homes simply for the smell of cannabis. Both the industry and the state’s community are excited to know that officials are doing what they can to achieve a regulated and fair marijuana environment.

Governor John Bel Edwards released the news yesterday, making it clear that he put his signature on several proposals that go a long way toward changing the landscape of the cannabis market in the state. While advocates would have liked to see other reforms included, such as legalizing recreational use, overall, they feel that the enactment of these new laws is definitely a step in the right direction.

Representative Tanner Magee presented one of the most notable pieces of recently signed legislation in the package. His proposal aims to shift regulatory responsibility for the state’s medical-marijuana program from the Department of Agriculture and Forestry to the Department of Health. In addition, the measure would also give existing medical cannabis dispensaries the ability to add more new satellite retail locations.

The governor also gave the thumbs up to two other measures that relate to out-of-state reciprocity for medical cannabis patients. In other words, people living in other states will be able to be treated as eligible, registered cannabis patients at the same time they can possess cannabis at licensed dispensaries in Louisiana. On the other hand, it also provides specific legal protections against prosecution under state drug laws for those out-of-state patients who are part of the Pelican State market.