Louisiana House set to vote on cannabis legalization

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Louisiana is just one of many states set to legalize cannabis this year

Marijuana legalization in Louisiana could be getting closer to becoming the state’s new reality. On Tuesday, House Bill 524 received positive support in a vote taken by the House Criminal Justice Administration Committee, with a 7-5 vote in favor. The legislation, which seeks the state’s proposed legalization of cannabis for adult use, is now advancing to the full House for consideration.

It looks to be a tough time ahead for this bill, as it is likely to face strong opposition in the Republican-controlled body. In any case, if passed, it would have to face Governor John Bel Edwards, who has stated that he is in favor of medical use, but this is not the case with adult use. “As I do most of the time, I’ll take a bill as it comes across my desk and sees what’s in it. I’m not going to speculate on that now. But I have a great interest in that bill and what it says, especially if it gets to the fourth floor,” Edwards indicated.

Representative Richard Nelson, the bill’s sponsor, has opted to make several changes in his strategy, and now, the updated legislation indicates that municipalities would have the option to opt-out of the industry at the local level if they so choose. According to several recent polls, even though there is strong opposition from many legislators, a two-thirds majority of Louisiana voters support the legalization of cannabis for adults and this has allowed the legislation to move forward step by step.