Legalizing marijuana leads to reduction in clearance rates for violent crimes

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Legalized marijuana could be helping reduce crime rates

It has already become clear that the legalization of marijuana, instead of creating conflict, actually makes them fade away. This assertion has been reaffirmed once again. According to data published online ahead of print in The International Journal of Drug Policy, it indicates that the elimination of adult marijuana prohibition has a strong correlation with improved police clearance rates for multiple types of violent crime. Undoubtedly, one more sign that legalization has been doing a common good for the entire nation today.

A few researchers affiliated with China University and the University of Utah analyzed trends in crime clearance rates in Oregon. They compared the data to control states in previous years and immediately after recreational use legalization was enacted.

As reported, the researchers identified “significant increases in the clearance rate of overall violent crime and aggravated assault in Oregon counties compared to those in non-legalized states after legalization.” Their findings become consistent with previous studies that have reported better crime clearance rates in Washington and Colorado once legalization was enacted, especially when it comes to property and violent crimes.

“These conclusions reaffirm the notion that states can sensibly regulate the adult use and sale of cannabis in a manner that doesn’t adversely impact public safety. Moreover, in some cases, legalization may contribute to an environment that positively affects police officers’ performance in solving serious crimes,” said NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano.

The legalization of marijuana may have been controversial in many places, but findings such as these can be considered to help stereotypes become more and more a thing of the past.