Law enforcement turns to Swiss products for CBD tests

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The cannabis industry is getting real tools to help identify products

Distinguishing hemp from marijuana isn’t always easy. Law enforcement departments have a difficult time telling the two apart and a lack of proper identification can lead to a long list of problems in a judicial setting. While tools have been developed to try to help police in their duties, they have fallen short in many tests. A new device, though, is apparently finding a lot of support from the law enforcement community and might soon become standard equipment for cops on the streets.

The Zurich Forensic Science Institute has developed a new test kit that uses a chemical solution to determine whether a sample is hemp or marijuana. If the sample contains a higher concentration of CBD, it turns a purplish-pink color and if marijuana is detected it turns blue. According to the organization, independent labs tests have been conducted that have confirmed the authenticity of the claims.

Swiss law enforcement began using the tests in September of last year, and they are reportedly ready to start making their way to police departments in the US. The test kit is available in the US, as of last month, and Virginia is one state that might be ready to switch from its current field kit to the new one.

According to the sole distributor of the tests in the US, John Waldheim, another 25,000 orders have been received from various law enforcement departments in Florida. One is the city of Lauderhill, whose chief of police, Constance Stanley, explains, “We wanted to get ahead of the game. We definitely don’t want to put anyone who’s innocent in jail.”