Latest Emerald Cup for the cannabis industry launches

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The unofficial Cannabis Academy Awards are coming in January

Recognized internationally as the “Cannabis Academy Awards,” The Emerald Cup has become a prestigious event to reward many of those efforts that are reflected throughout the growing industry. Organizers recently announced the window for the 18th Emerald Cup Competition and Awards.

The window opens on Monday, January 3, and closes Friday, January 28. This iconic cannabis competition will once again celebrate excellence in the cannabis world by showcasing the best in class in its community.

For next year’s edition, the Emerald Cup will consist of more than 40 judged categories, a full spectrum of cannabis including concentrates, flowers, edibles, topicals, and more, with nine new classifications for the upcoming awards and a wider variety of prizes that aim to reward each and every effort in the industry.

The Emerald Cup Competition & Awards are recognized for offering a totally reliable and transparent opportunity for California’s most recognized extractors, growers, shakers, promoters, and fresh product manufacturers to put their best skills in front of all participants. The best part is that as the competitions progress from year to year, the competition and prestige becomes more and more intense and honorable.

“The Harvest Ball was the official start of the Emerald Cup competition,” reveals founder and executive producer Tim Blake. “Over the next 6 weeks, contestants can submit their entries. I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting to see all the latest flowers and products from the best of the best our community has to offer up. I’m never disappointed. Our Emerald Cup Awards ceremony will be a stellar moment for all the contestants. We’ll broadcast the ceremony across the United States and to a global audience and rock LA with the finest cannabis flowers and products in the world.”

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