Las Vegas has a new cannabis tour visitors should check out

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Cannabis and tourism are a hot combination, especially in Las Vegas

Although last fall’s launch was not as big as planned due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year there was no excuse and Las Vegas Cannabis Tours made its grand debut in Sin City, delighting more than one visitor who, aside from looking for a night of entertainment, is also looking for places where they can share their cannabis lifestyle without any problems.

The tours, usually around two and a half hours, open the door to all guests 21 years of age or older to get a taste of the quintessential legal marijuana industry that is growing in the famous city. All guests will receive a gift bag corresponding to their specific tour, which will also depend on prices according to the one chosen.

At the moment, the most economical option is the “The Stoner Tour.” This does not mean that the tour is not great, quite the contrary. Here people will have the opportunity to visit the three best dispensaries in Las Vegas, where they will be able to taste the best quality products.

If you consider yourself a guest with a curious and creative mind, then the “Puff, Puff, Class” Tour is the option you are looking for. This educational tour takes you behind the scenes at several major dispensaries. You’ll enjoy creative cannabis inspirations, including art, as well as a wealth of information about Las Vegas’ growing industry to feed your brain.

Finally, at $375 per person, and perhaps the highest of all available, the “Get High and Fly” tour is one you definitely can’t pass up. The entrance fee at the end of the day will feel more like an investment than an expense as this exclusive and premium tour will give you the full experience. It has all the extras of the Mary Jane tour, including the dabber-making and behind-the-scenes tours, not to mention the helicopter flight over the Las Vegas Strip. The Ganja Tour is also the only one where guests can ride in a modified green Mercedes G-Wagon where you can have your lunch included.

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