Lamar Odom launches marijuana vaping pen

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The former NBA star is in on marijuana

Lamar Odom made a name for himself in the NBA, playing with the LA Clippers, the LA Lakers and the Miami Heat, but left the league in 2013. The two-time NBA champ is back in the spotlight, but for his activity off the court. Odom has become the latest celebrity to endorse marijuana and has introduced his own line of cannabidiol (CBD) vaporizer pens.

The new pen, simply called “Odom,” received a lot of attention and an even larger number of pre-orders, leading it to be sold out as soon as it hit the shelves. It was released by Five Star Juice and is expected to make its official debut at the Tobacco Plus Expo coming to Las Vegas next week. After that, it will hit the national market.

Undoubtedly calling on his time in the NBA, Odom chose a logo for Odom that is highly similar to that of another logo – the Utah Jazz. Both contain a background of six mountains and the shapes and design of the two are virtually identical.

This isn’t just another attempt by a star to capitalize on the marijuana craze. Odom suffered several heart attacks and a number of strokes in 2015 after overdosing in a brothel in Nevada. He has often said that marijuana and CBD helped him recover and that they gave him his life back.

Odom becomes the latest in a growing number of former and current athletes, including a number of NFL stars, that have openly expressed their views that marijuana has real value. This list is only going to continue to get longer as all types of celebrities give their endorsements.

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