Kiva is giving away cannabis edibles to medical marijuana patients in California

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The company has launched Project Kiva Cares, which could spawn similar efforts in the country

Kiva Confections seems to have good intentions when it comes to helping those in need and is now taking advantage of the marijuana edibles boom in California to conduct a strategic donation campaign. The marijuana edibles producer recently launched Project Kiva Cares, a program that focuses on helping people with low incomes and extreme needs.

The Oakland-based company has launched this program to provide all off-spec products within 30 days of the BBD/COA expiration date to Golden State medical patients in need of these essential products. Erika Osueke, Kiva’s compliance and quality manager, stated that the marijuana industry is impactful enough to serve public health in a way never seen before. She added that “We are only scratching the surface of scaling the kind of life-changing impact cannabis can have for those consumers who need it most.”

After bringing together a large number of organizations, a product donation was made possible. Entities involved include Americans for Safe Access, Los Angeles NORML, Sweetleaf Collective, ReCompass and Weed for Warriors. All have joined forces with select California stores to distribute the product to those in need.

The company, along with its new project aims to provide quality cannabis products to those who need them most, set a new industry standard to prevent cannabis waste, and set an example for other cannabis brands across the country to follow in the same footsteps.

“These collective industry efforts will undoubtedly help thousands of veterans and patients access $1.75 million worth of free medical cannabis products through the Kiva Cares Project,” Joe Sweetleaf, founder of Sweetleaf Collective, said. “Together, we are saving and transforming lives.”

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