Kentucky to create advisory committee to study medical marijuana access

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Kentucky is going to use a methodical, but drawn-out, approach to medical marijuana

Several members have been selected by the governor of Kentucky for the purpose of creating a medical marijuana committee. The idea of this new entity is to hold different public hearings related to the issue, in addition to advising the governor on ways in which patient access can be promoted. The initiative comes at a time when the legislature still refuses to enact the reform.

Governor Andy Beshear’s intentions were announced yesterday through the issuance of an executive order seeking to place 17 experts on the panel. The group would soon travel to every corner of the state to gain a better understanding of what the public thinks about medical cannabis and delve into various aspects of the issue.

“Polling suggests 90% of Kentucky adults support legalizing medical cannabis, while at the same time, far too many in our state who could benefit from it are suffering,” Beshear said in a press release. He added that it is time for more action and that is why he wants to make sure all voices are heard as he weighs the necessary executive action that would provide the state with access to medical cannabis.

Two months ago, Beshear previewed some plans he has up his sleeve for the administration to address the issue of medical marijuana. In addition, he did not hesitate to make some criticisms of the Senate as it does not seem to have the will to listen to voters, as well as being a bump in the road to reform for refusing to even give a hearing to a bill passed by the House this year.