Kentucky Senate committee approves medical marijuana bill

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The bill will now be put to a full Senate vote

The Senate Licensing and Occupations Committee had the opportunity to discuss Senate Bill 47, which seeks to legalize medical cannabis in the state of Kentucky. After a debate that took place yesterday, the measure emerged victorious by a result of 8-3. Thanks to this majority support, the bill will now advance to the full Senate.

Senator Stephen West, one of the sponsors of the legislation, was quite enthusiastic about yesterday’s outcome. “I had no intention of ever getting involved in medical marijuana or taking a look at the issue,” West explained. However, he said his inspiration to take a closer look at medical cannabis and its potential benefits came from two Mason County advocates, Eric and Michelle Crawford.

According to the current version, the bill will allow medical cannabis to be accessible to patients with a variety of health conditions, including any type of cancer, chronic pain in all stages, chronic nausea or cyclical vomiting, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms or spasticity and post-traumatic stress disorder. West added that any other medical condition considered by the Kentucky Cannabis Center to require cannabis-based treatment could also be listed.

While smoking cannabis would not be allowed, consumption of raw cannabis would be legal. The cultivation of marijuana for personal use would also be left out of the equation. The Cabinet for Health and Family Services would be the entity in charge of administering the medical cannabis program, and the regulations would have a January 1, 2025, expiration date.