Kentucky moves forward with new medical marijuana rules

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Governor Beshear has fulfilled his promise to enact marijuana changes in the state

Many people today suffer from different conditions, which, although perhaps not so serious, are able to alleviate them thanks to medical marijuana. It seems that the governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, has taken notice of this reality and has now decided to relax the prohibition of medical cannabis.

After taking certain steps, Beshear has paved the way for Kentuckians suffering from debilitating conditions to have access to small amounts of medical marijuana purchased in another state. The decision was reported yesterday and undoubtedly became great news for all those residents who previously did not have access to the properties and benefits of this plant.

Having signed an executive order, the Democratic governor has relaxed the state’s ban on medical cannabis that many citizens of the Bluegrass State had to deal with. Still, Beshear made it clear that this action is not a substitute for full legalization, which requires legislative approval.

During the press conference, the governor said, “These are actions that I can take as governor to provide access to medical cannabis and relief to those who need it to better enjoy their life without pain.”
He assured that cannabis has begun to be seen as an efficient solution to opioid medications that, over time can create dependency in patients.

Thanks to the constitutional pardon powers granted to Kentucky’s governors, Beshear, a former attorney general, was able to carry out this executive action. The governor has long made clear his displeasure with the Republican-led legislature’s failure to make efforts to legalize the medical cannabis market, especially given the overwhelming support that sector has among Kentuckians.

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