Kentucky governor may act on cannabis without legislative measure

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Governor Beshear wants to expand medical marijuana access without the red tape

In the event that medical cannabis legislation for chronic pain patients and veterans suffering from post-traumatic disorders fails to reach an agreement in the Assembly, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear says he has another move up his sleeve. The state has been debating the issue for a considerable period of time, but Beshear says he has no hesitation in using his executive power to make things happen.

Medical marijuana for these types of patients is something that, according to the governor, is sorely needed. As time goes on, the General Assembly does not seem to be taking the right actions, and that is why Beshear has made it known what his stay on the issue is. Using his official Twitter account, the governor of the Bluegrass State said that approximately 90% of residents support medical cannabis and that the Team KY Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee will do what it takes to make voices heard.

The note on the blue bird’s social network comes shortly before a town hall meeting will be held by the KY Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee in Hopkinsville in the coming days. By Beshear’s executive order, the committee was established last month. The goal of this is to create a statewide panel of experts in the field of public opinion on the issue of medical cannabis legislation.

“Townhall meetings will be open to the public for discussion and feedback from residents, local leaders, health care providers, and advocacy groups,” said the notice. The committee’s main function is to advise the governor on how Kentuckians dealing with a wide variety of conditions can access medical cannabis.