Kentucky governor finds out what state residents think about cannabis legalization

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The state’s leading legislator could make a decision based on what the residents reported

A medical marijuana advisory committee has referred back to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, who was quick to release the findings of that report late last week. The governor made it clear that these findings will be taken into account as he continues to consider different executive actions for reform. The vast majority of Kentucky residents are quite clear about what they want.

An informal online survey was conducted by Team Kentucky’s Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee. According to the results obtained from the 3,539 participants, 99% of them said they strongly believe that medical cannabis should be legalized. In addition, four different town hall events held in July were analyzed, reporting that none of the attendees at the activities shared any opposing thoughts that marijuana should not be accessible to patients.

Last week, Beshear indicated that the official report from the 17-member panel arrived on his desk, indicating that this gives way for some upcoming actions to be on the way. While it is true that the report determined that the governor could enact some reforms unilaterally, most of the recommendations in the document to provide a medical marijuana program have to go through a legislative process. This is because there is still opposition from some key legislators in the middle of the road.

“Polls suggest that 90% of Kentucky adults support the legalization of medical cannabis,” Beshear said in a press release. “I appreciate the work of those who participated, and I am taking this information into consideration as I analyze what steps I can take to legalize medical cannabis for those suffering from chronic, debilitating medical conditions.”