Kentucky cannabis company wants to improve labeling policies for CBD products

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The company has submitted a proposal to force labeling requirements for cannabis products

A new CBD labeling regulation was filed last week with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services of the Department for Public Health, according to the Kentucky Cannabis Company (KCC). The goal is to improve how cannabidiol (CBD) products are labeled consistently, and the idea has implications for the entire industry if accepted.

The parent company of Bluegrass Hemp Oil said the new regulation would require all CBD companies to follow new label laws and allow businesses to add CBD to food products. It would also apply to retail products that are normally related to the restaurant and bar sector. KCC said they supported the new regulation because it will benefit the hemp industry as a whole and would also protect consumers. It said it believes the new regulations with help consumers by giving them a new source of information, which would allow them to make a more informed decision with their purchases.

The new regulation requires labeling on CBD products that gives detailed information regarding the contents of cannabis-related products. Additionally, it would require the manufacturer and distributor to include suggested use instructions when they label their cannabis products. “Inconsistency in labeling has been something that we’ve fought since our inception in 2014. As parents who entered the CBD industry to create a safe, consistent product for our son, truth in labeling is very important to us. CBD can be life-changing for some, but when consumers get their hands on a product where the company is being dishonest about what is in it – whether it be potency or purity – it’s detrimental to the industry as a whole. Transparency is key for consumers when choosing the best product for them,” said Adriane Polyniak, Executive Director and owner of KCC.