Kanye West would make a good cannabis president

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The rapper and possible politician admits to consuming ahead of a recent presidential rally

Rapper Kanye West is following through with his intention of becoming president of the US and, this past Sunday, he held his first presidential campaign rally. During the event, West said that he smoked marijuana the day before the campaign and that, if elected, he would make sure black Americans are freed from cannabis-related convictions. During his speech in South Carolina, West talked about his position towards different policies such as abortion and international trade and even criticized Harriet Tubman before the crowd urged him to back marijuana legalization.

“I must tell you at my first rally that I did smoke a little bit last night,” said West, who officially announced his candidacy on July 4. “Every black man on trial for marijuana will be freed,” he added. There was some controversy reported initially in which West showed support for legalization by implying he will make marijuana available for free; however, it ended up being a miscommunication given that he did not use a mic during that event.

Until now, it remains unclear how serious West is about this campaign to be the country’s leader, but Monday’s deadline to submit signatures for November’s ballot access in South California passed without any petitions from him. Even if West is successful on his run to the White House, he wouldn’t be able to accomplish what he promised in his initial candidacy campaign. He might free anyone federally convicted through acts of clemency, but he wouldn’t be able to do the same for state-level convictions, which include the majority of people currently in prison or awaiting trial.