Kansas moves a step closer to legalized marijuana

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A hearing in the Kansas legislature could mean cannabis legalization is advancing

Kansas is one of those states where legalization of different markets is not difficult to achieve. It already happened with sports betting, and now it is happening with marijuana. The second of three scheduled hearings on marijuana legalization was held by state lawmakers yesterday. They focused on hearing testimony from opponents, supporters and neutral parties on the effort Kansas is making to open the door to this market.

A week ago, members of the Legislature’s Special Committee on Medical Marijuana met for the first time with an Oklahoma medical cannabis regulator and law enforcement to give their perspective on the issue. The committee was formed by a bicameral panel in the middle of this year in an effort to have a group focus on this legislative movement.

Senator Robert Olson is chairing this committee. He said during the meeting a week ago that the members are willing to accept comments from interested parties as they could be further implemented in the proposal. They expect to hold several meetings over the next few weeks so that legislators can calibrate all aspects of the bill and then present it to the full Legislature.

“This is not our first meeting on this,” Olson said on Wednesday. “I think everybody appears trying to do the right thing … I know Kansans want this for pain relief.”

Olson stressed that this process is of utmost importance and that crafting the right legislation is critical if they are truly to avoid what he described as the mistakes of other states that have enacted medical cannabis legalization. His goal appears to be to move steadily forward and present a bill that truly meets the wants and needs of the parties involved.