Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Making dates better with CBD

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CBD oil can help make a first date, or a 20th date, more enjoyable

Feeling anxious before a date, especially on a romantic holiday such as Valentine’s Day, is perfectly normal and understandable. Still, it is also true that, for some people, the level of anxiety becomes difficult to control. According to Amy Paterson from Goodleaf, cannabis, but more specifically, the compound cannabidiol (CBD), might be the best natural treatment to tackle those upset nerves. Besides the studied and already popular benefits that have been attributed to this compound, it will not give the person a psychoactive effect that might unwantedly affect one’s Valentine’s plans.

“One of CBD’s best-known benefits is as a mood enhancer and alleviator of anxiety. Taking CBD oil on a daily basis can help relieve the effects of stress and improve overall mental clarity,” Paterson explained. The best part is that CBD can help not only in enhancing good conversations and times during dinner, but if the night extends further, it can also be the best bedroom companion. Many of those normal concerns when meeting someone new can easily vanish with a dose of CBD, for instance, the mood-lifting effect.

The brain has a serotonin receptor that gets activated in the presence of CBD, causing a more relaxed welcoming feeling. If the problem for a person is to not be able to leave work issues behind to concentrate on a night of fun, CBD can also be that simple solution to calm the nervous system and decreased the overactive mental activity.

Even in bed while having sexual intercourse, CBD can be a great option for women who suffered any condition that produces pain or discomfort during sex. CBD relaxes the tissue around the sex organs and allows more blood to be pumped, resulting in better lubrication and increased sensation.